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You know that living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight are important to keep you feeling your best and ward off chronic diseases. But losing weight isn’t easy. At Blossom Women’s Health Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, we can give you the boost you need. Laquita Martinez, MD, FACOG, and her caring team are here to support you during your weight loss journey with customized medical weight management therapy.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is medical weight loss management?

Medical weight loss management is more than a diet. It’s a complete plan created just for you by a team of health experts. When you start a medical weight loss management program with Dr. Martinez, she’ll take the time to understand your goals, existing health conditions, and more.

We’ll help you set realistic, achievable goals and customize your weight loss plan for you. You’re not alone with medical weight loss management at Blossom Women’s Health Center. We are here to guide and support you throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What are the benefits of medical weight management?

With medical weight loss management at Blossom Women’s Health Center, you have the support of a caring and knowledgeable team. Losing weight — and keeping it off — is hard and it’s OK to need help along the way. Lasting weight loss requires commitment and lifestyle changes, and medical weight management sets you up for success.

Why is losing weight important?

There are many health risks of obesity. Obesity means that you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. Obesity can lead to many health conditions and it can affect your ability to enjoy life and participate in the activities you love. If you are obese, you’re more likely to have health conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Breathing problems, like sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis

Extra weight puts increased strain on your body, heart, and other organs, which increases your risk of developing chronic conditions and makes it harder to enjoy your life. Medical weight loss management can help you get started losing weight and achieve steady progress over time.

Making healthy lifestyle changes that work for you will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Are you ready to start your weight loss journey with Blossom Women’s Health Center? Our personalized medical weight loss management therapy can help you start enjoying your life again. Call our office today to schedule your first appointment.         


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    Diabetes is a main risk factor in developing heart disease which is the leading cause of death in women. Our goal is to help aide in weight loss and prevent diabetes.

    Our weight loss program includes Semaglutide proven to result in significant weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels.

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